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Destined for togetherness

Dear love,

Last Thursday was the first day in months that I spent time with you. Seeing you brought back old memories of early mornings, late nights, of cold winter nights spent together next to the fireplace or of monsoons spent next to the window watching the raindrops fall against the window, like pearls on a woman’s neck. You were there for me through thick and thin, through happiness and times of forlorn.

Your contagious energy, your devious humor and taking life as it comes attitude which had beguiled me hook, line and sinker the first time had begun to creep through the dark trenches of my soul once more.

I longed to hold you, to devour and to let your silky smooth skin consume me in ways only you could let it happen.

And yet the way in which you left 5 months back haunted me day and night. I had rarely felt so punctured and empty.

While you were gone, I cried my way to bed, woke up feeling empty and wobbled through life without the soul I had relied on for years together. I yearned to see you at the supermarket, the street sidewalks and the restaurants. I was hoping to just catch a glimpse of you yet you were nowhere to be seen. You had altogether disappeared from all our lives without the slightest notice and left so many hearts in pain.

Within a month of you disappearing, I tried spending time with others, tried to lose myself in their smell, in their charm hoping they would make me forget you. Yet no one could come near you. You were someone who had enticed me in every possible way and had left a void so deep it was impossible for any other soul to even remotely fill it.

And somehow through a twist of fate,on that cold December morning last week, I chanced upon you at the old supermarket. You looked divine in your yellow overalls. I wanted to scream at you,to implore you for running away. But the moment I touched you, all anger was vacuumed into the deep recesses of my mind. I was once again swimming in the ocean of your charm,beauty and wisdom.

That moment when I met you after a 5 month long break has been etched on my soul ever since.

And from that day on, there is no looking back.


Swathy Swaminathan

P.S: This is a dedication to Maggi, our sole friend since childhood that has our treated us through our ups and cheered us through the downs and has offered us solace unlike anything or anyone else.